“The Twenty-Twenty Players: A Futuristic Account of the 2020 Presidential Election Year” by Jim Lynch— And Our President is…

Lynch, Jim. “The Twenty-Twenty Players: A Futuristic Account of the 2020 Presidential Election Year”, Jim Lynch, 2011.

And Our President is…..

Amos Lassen

It is January 2020 and John Struben, U.S.Senator is running for president. His wife, singer, Gina, convinced him that this is his calling. It was just too bad that she did not think about the effect terrorism would have on her family. This is the background for the novel which is made up of three inter-connected plots—the election, domestic terrorism and international terrorism. There is a broad cast of characters which includes “Presidential candidate Josh Struben and his wife, singer/activist Gina Struben; Chinese industrialist, Sun Feng; CIA Operative, Catherine Cauley; Islamic terrorist, Faraq Hussein; and Kenneth Brady, the bi-sexual host of the network news talk show, “The Brady Focus.” Other colorful supporting characters invigorate the plot that covers the 12 months of January through December 2020”. The major characters all go through major changes.

This non partisan political thriller is hard to put down even at 432 pages. The plot revolves around the presidential election of 2020 and is character driven. The author uses the themes of globalism, economics, political polarization and immigration and presents to us what he thinks the world will be like in 2020. While it is fiction, it could certainly be and this is what I think makes this such a fascinating read.

While the writing is not polished, neither is politics (although politicians might have us believe otherwise) and this adds to the story.

The plot moves quickly and is totally unpredictable thereby making this somewhat to review without giving something away but I will say that this is a book that you will not soon forget.



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