“First Impressions” by Christopher Koehler— Moving On

Koehler, Christopher. “First Impressions”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Moving On

Amos Lassen

Henry once made adult films but that is in his past now and he is moving on or so he thought until he met Cameron. Cameron confronts Henry about his past in porn at their first meeting which went nowhere. However, circumstances bring the two together on several occasions. It seems that even though each finds the other attractive and sexy, they remember that first dismal meeting and can’t seem to get past it. When Henry realizes that he was wrong, Cameron still cannot bring himself to have sex with him and we see that he feels that he may have lost his chance at love.

Even though Cameron is only 29, he seems to be already going through a mid-life crisis and he spends time thinking his past and the different relationships that he has had. His friends fix him for a date with Harry, a former porn star who would like to find love but that first meeting did not go well for either man. The characters of Harry and Cameron are endearing and that is because they are drawn so well (as are the secondary characters-Thad, Van, Cameron’s mother and Benton).

It was Henry who really ruined the first date but Cameron also has some share in that. If the physical attraction was so strong, Cameron could have given Henry a little leeway especially since some of the things he said were not meant exclusively for Cameron. There is a lot of anger in the book and I really wanted Henry and Cameron to get along.

What the book really has going for it (aside from the characters) is the way Koehler writes and how he shares his view of the world. I now want there to be a little more about Cameron and Henry and I certainly hope that is will be coming soon.

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  1. Roy Chaudoir

    Definitely sound great, Amos! I like the angst and may pick this one up if it is on Kindle so I can see how he develops character in the structure of this plot you define. It parallels a lot of the situations I am writing about, and I want to discover more and more dimensions of relationship so that I can one day write multi-dimensional interactive characterization into my scripts and plots. This sort of is the genre subgroup I enjoy too, the benefits of a character having had sex trade experience always colors the next relationships so much. It will be great to read. It sort of reminds me of that book What My Body Thought — darn I can’t remember the name now. Anyway, I’ll look into this one for sure based on your comments. All the best, and BOSTON IS BETTER NOW THAT YOU’RE THERE!

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