“CRUSH”— At the Prom


At The Prom

Amos Lassen

“Crush” is one of the films that I was lucky enough to see this year at the Boston LGBT Film Festival. I was absolutely amazed at the power of this short film. Set in the South Bronx, Michael goes to the prom and sees his crush there and what ensues is a total experience. “Crush” began as a lay and then evolved into a short film about characters coming to terms with their real selves. It explores truths and the power of love and all of us have had a crush on someone and know what that does. Because of this it is easy to identify with the characters regardless of one’s sexuality. Basically, we are all alike and our sexuality really is just for the bedroom anyway. We share similar journeys and struggles and it is not us but it is society that must learn that being different is a beautiful thing.

I can share the plot with you but if I do I will spoil the viewing experience. Just imagine how you felt when you came face to face with your crush and how the other felt (even if he/she did not know). That more or less gives you an idea what to expect. If you can find  a place where this film is being screened, you do not want to miss it.