“The Miles” by Robert Lennon— Running for Inner Peace

Lennon, Robert. “The Miles”, Kensington Books, 2012.

Running for Inner Peace

Amos Lassen

I am sure that everyone is aware that running now takes its place alongside very other sport and has almost become a national sport in the United States. Every morning we see people running here and there, soaked in sweat and smiling. Among gay me, we have the organization Front Runners and they preserve their health by working their legs and feet. Liam Walker decides to join a New York running club but he is a bit apprehensive about it. He has always loved to run but the idea of running with others and/or on a team is something he has not done before. He is also in a bit of a rut. He has worked the same job and lived in the same apartment for years and he changes boyfriends like underwear. It is definitely time for a change.

Liam meets many new people at the running club. Some are very competitive runners while others are more interested in just getting together for a good time. What happens while running is nothing to what happens afterwards. The guys are also working out to run the New York Marathon and Liam learns that the most important thing is to understand what life is all about and how hard and how far someone is willing to persevere. It is also important to know that there is someone waiting at the finish line.

I love that Lennon uses the running team as a metaphor for gay life with its ups  and downs, its goods and bads, etc. The character of Liam is wonderfully drawn as are the other characters and the prose is pristine. I am not going to mention that “The Miles” gave me  flashbacks to an earlier novel about running that really changed gay literature. Oops, I did mention it but you will have to guess which book that is. Finally, let me just say that this is ideal summer reading because it will make you think…lightly… about how you live.