“The Heart of the Jungle” by Jeremy Pack— The Power of Fate

Pack, Jeremy. “The Heart of the Jungle”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

The Power of Fate

Amos Lassen

Fate has dealt Chris James a terrible hand— his parents were killed in a car crash and Jeremy just made it out alive after a suicide attempt and when things begin to improve, his partner and daughter were suddenly kidnapped and thought to be murdered. The investigation continued for a year and nothing turned up so the police give up. Suddenly Jason Kingsley, a wealthy private detective turns up and he begins his own investigation and finds himself in the midst of danger. The two men discover a mutual attraction for each other even with the outside forces attempting to separate them.

There is something in Jason’s past that haunts him and as he helps Chris, the attraction between the men strengthens. However, his past will not let him totally give of himself. Chris fights with the way he feels for Jason—it is too soon but Jason falls hard. The more he goes into the case, the more terrible things begin to happen. Combining romance and suspense, the author gives us quite a read, so much so that I read it all in one sitting.

Pack’s characters are skillfully drawn and his plot line is excellent. He plays down romance in deference to suspense and action so it is quite basically a mystery with a touch of romance and a bit of sex. For a first novel, this is an excellent   read and a beautiful swan dive into the pool of LGBT literature and I am completely sure that when Pack comes up for a breath, it will be with yet another wonderful new book.


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