“What Ever Happened To Jan Phillips?” by Michael Halfhill— From Hustling to Espionage

Halfhill, Michael. “What Ever Happened To Jan Phillips?”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

From Hustling to Espionage

Amos Lassen

Jan Phillips, an 18 year old hustler in Philadelphia, was at work in the Tenderloin district when he noticed Tim Morris, a lawyer who has ties to a secret organization and Jan soon discovers that he is now involved in serious business—so serious that his life will either suddenly or be changed forever.

The book was originally published as two separate novels (by iUniverse and Scimitar)  but are now released together by Dreamspinner. This is definitely a departure from the kinds of M/M stories we usually get. Jan is a kid who was born in the poor section of town and who never expected much from life. By making the wrong choice, he becomes involved in a world of intrigue. He is a determined young man who fights to survive in a dog-eat-dog world and he does so by providing bodily pleasure to man in exchange for cash. When Tim Morris pays for a night of pleasure, Jan becomes involved in  the mysterious “Mundus,” an organization with roots in the Templars. While there, he has experiences that most young men dream about. The author is an excellent writer with a knack for description and as we read, we get mental pictures. We also watch Jan, over a ten year period, as he matures from a simple street hustler to a member of an influential organization that deals in danger. It is Jan who propels the book and he takes us along his journey.