“A Hard Winter Rain” by John Inman— A Suspenseful Read

Inman, John. “A Hard Winter Rain”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

A Suspenseful Read

Amos Lassen

Being a hustler and trying to make enough to pay the rent has caused Sean Andros to become tired with the whole business. He has been trying to hide from his past and this has caused him a great deal of stress. He felt he had been successful in running from what was, Sean suddenly realized that his past was catching up with him and he really had only one friend with whom he could share his feelings, Harry. Harry loves Sean and will do anything to help and protect him and now that Sean has asked for him help, he jumps to do what he can. However, Harry had no idea how serious things are and both Harry and Sean are going to have to be very strong if they want to stay alive.

While this is not a romance, there are romantic elements but I would have to say that this is really a mystery/suspense novel. It pulls you in immediately and I found that once I began reading, I could not stop. Harry and Sean are a strange couple. Harry is 45 and a hairdresser while Sean is a 21 year old hustler. Sean walked in on a murder is progress and bolted immediately but because he saw the murderer he is targeted. Harry takes it upon himself to protect Sean as the murderer continues his rampage.

The story is told in alternating points of view and this technique which can be quite confusing actually works well hell. The only problem I had was that I knew early on who the killer was but that did not matter to me so much because the story is so well written. I have never read Inman before and for a first time writer, this is quite a noble effort. I predict that we will be hearing a great deal about and from him.


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  1. John Inman

    Dear Mr. Lassen,

    Thank you so much for your great review of my book. I’m glad you enjoyed it and very touched by all the nice things you said. I’m pretty new to this writing game so every kind word that crosses my path means a lot. I have a second book coming out soon with Dreamspinner Press titled The Boys on the Mountain. Maybe with a little luck you’ll take a peek at that one, too. Thanks again. Sincerely, John Inman

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