“False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1” by Jon Michaelsen— Romance and Mystery

Michaelsen, Jon.  “False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1”, Loveyoudivine, 2012.

Romance and Mystery

Amos Lassen

One of the things I love about reviewing is meeting new propel even if only by their writing. Jon Michaelsen was kind enough to make a comment on a review I did of Lambda Award winner, David Lennon so I decided to find out more about him and sure enough, he is also a writer and has a new book coming out (which is the subject of this review). When you read as much as I do, it is always fun to read something from someone that you never have read before.

“False Evidence: Murder Most Deadly 1” is interesting in that it is both a romance and a mystery and Michaelsen has created a fascinating character in Kevin Mitchell, an accountant who is bored with his job. He dreams about and lusts after Tony, who lives in the building next to his and before Kevin realizes it, he is obsessed with him. Then Tony surprises Kevin by coming to his apartment, bruised and bloody. Kevin helps him and shows him to his bed.  However, (there is always a “however”), something is strange and when the police arrive we learn that all is not what it appears to be. The police are searching for a violent murderer and here is where I have to be careful not to give anything away.

For whatever reason, Kevin feels like he is a nerd and can never find someone who is built and good-looking but of course he underestimates himself. In fact, I wanted to yell at him to get with it and that if Tony didn’t want him, he could come put his shoes under my bed (and then climb in).

I really like the way the erotic scenes were handled—they were just hot enough and were tastefully rendered and it is Kevin who propels this novel forward. We watch as he becomes more and more obsessed with Tony and as his obsession leads to danger. It seems as if his fantasy man actually possessed him and possession leads to danger in many cases. Kevin allowed this obsession to take him over completely. Michaelsen has written quite a book here and once I began I did not leave my chair until I closed the covers. I could not help but notice that this book is titled as “Murder Most Deadly 1” which means that there are more coming and I cannot wait to read them.

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  1. Jon Michaelsen

    Amos – I am both humbled and honored that you have read my sexy, romantic mystery! I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and incredible insight into the protagonist, Kevin Mitchell. Thank you so much for such for your kind words. I’m a major fan!

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