“LOVE ACTUALLY… SUCKS”— The Limits of Love

Love Actually… Sucks!

The Limits of Love

Amos Lassen

“Love Actually…Sucks” is Scud’s (Danny Cheng Wan-Cheng) newest film and it is quite bold. The film looks at themes that are considered taboo in the society of Hong Kong and it does so overtly as it defies convention. There is a lot of frontal nudity (both male and female). Inspired by actual events, this is a film about love gone wrong—an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister, a married artist in love with a young male model, a dance teacher who lusts after his student and a lesbian couple involved in a triangle. We are quick to see that love is not like a fairy tale and the love that we see here is not love that is good. Yet the film is a celebration of love that many could not care about. Both the Chinese and Taiwanese governments have demanded cuts in the film if it is to be screened in Asia.

Love is usually associated with romance and some kind of peace but we all know that is not a realistic view of the emotion. Here we see complicated love which is aligned with sex, violence and death. We see love here as physical and platonic love seems to be a far cry away. Therefore this is a dark film and unless cuts are made it will not be seen in Asia.

Cinematically this is a beautiful film even though it is quite violent (in its own way). I found it to be totally fascinating.

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