“Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!” (“Se sei vivo spara”)

Cultish Cowboys

Amos Lassen

Imagine a movie that has a Mexican bandit, a gang of gay cowboys and a priest who fight over stolen gold in a place that is surreal and you get “Django Kill”. Django is our Mexican outlaw, a member of a band of thieves that steal gold from a stagecoach. Yet the American members of his gang betray him and shoot all the Mexicans who are around. Django manages to live and escapes his grave and pursues the gold while exacting vengeance.

Keep in mind that even though this movie uses “Django” in the title but that does not mean that it has anything to do with other “Django” films. Tom Milian is The Stranger, a Mexican outlaw and bandit who teams up with a group of Americans to commit a heist that will make them rich but once they have the gold, the Americans turn on everyone else and kill them (all but Djano who manages to get away). Rescued by two Indians, he goes looking for the gang.

Meant to be a spaghetti Western, this is more of a macaroni mess. It is filled with subplots that go nowhere; “Django Kill” really pulls out all the stops in an endless parade of the macabre. From the curious opening scene with Tomas Milian crawling out of a grave to the brutal lynchings and gothic horror drenching of one of many villains in liquid gold, this is a real treat for genre fans. “As with many similar movies there are no morals anywhere to be seen, characters turn up, rub their hands together, kill mercilessly and then are shot down or, in this case, killed by an exploding horse”. I understand that there are many versions of this movie in existence, which is not surprising in the least.  This is really a movie that is a lot of fun and is not meant to be taken seriously.

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