“Queerwolf” by Rob Rosen— A New Kind of Werewolf

Rosen, Rob, “ Queerwolf”, MLR Press, 2012

A New Kind of Werewolf

Amos Lassen

Blake’s life changed drastically when he awoke in a pool of blood and naked. He has become a werewolf and does not now where to turn. But then there is Ted who lives upstairs and he is a hunk. Blake turns to him for help and what follows is a laughfest of a read from author Rob Rosen who always satisfies. I always look forward to Rosen’s writing—he is entertaining and an excellent writer.

Blake and Ted begin a journey that takes them to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas in search of their pack of werewolves and they come upon some really strange surprises. Blake also realizes that his survival is at stake as he and Ted are being pursued by a rival wolf pack. Rosen gives us a new character in Blake who narrates the story and I love that we find out about him at the same time that he finds out about himself. I felt that Blake and I became friends and his journey became my own.

In creating Blake and his pack, Rosen gives us something new in that these are stereotypical gay  wolves—I mean they wear sequins and sashay. Blake has heart as do the members of his pack and we get almost a new genre in fiction—a paranormal comedy. Have no fear, there is lots of sex in the plot but there is also something else—a deeper message. Rosen deals with the topics of knowing who you are and self acceptance.This is not easy to do with comedy and Rosen does so exellently.

Imagine how you would feel if you knew that there was a pack of gay werewolves on patrol in your city and then you will get the general idea of the book. I can’t rave enough aout “Queerwolf” and I do not want to give anything away. Rush, don’t walk, to get a copy; this book has everything—sex, comedy, suspense and a pack of wonderful characters. You might just find yourself wishing that you had fangs.

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