“The Invisible Chronicles”

Updating HG Wells

Amos Lassen

I admire David DeCocteau for taking classic works of literature and updating them and giving them a gay theme. Here, Griffin is a genius college student who spends most of his time working in the school lab. One evening he is the victim of physical assault perpetrated by three buffed jocks ad he wants revenge. He constantly thinks of ways to avenge the crime. He discovers a new serum that gives him the means to do so.

This time, however, DeCocteau does not succeed in adapting and updating Wells and if you did not know the story of the invisible man, you would not recognize it here. The film is extremely light and voyeuristic. Griffin, when he becomes invisible yearns for male flesh but we do not see any frontal nudity as we would suspect that this is what Griffin wants to see. Instead we get a bunch of good-looking guys in tighty whities. However looking at pretty boys allows us to understand that there is no real plot here and instead of drama, we get many shower scenes (not that there is anything wrong with them). It just seems that the guys have no other pastimes than taking showers (and then we only see them from the waist up).

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