“The Marrying Kind” by Ken O’Neill— A Novel Look at Gay Marriage

O’Neill, Ken. “The Marrying Kind”. Bold Strokes Books, 2011.

A Novel Look at Gay Marriage

Amos Lassen

Adam Moore is a wedding planner who has used his entire life to planning weddings for others. However, he and his partner Steve cannot get married because of the federal law (which is finally changing). Adam decides that the time has come for a change and he organizes a boycott of the wedding industry. He and Steve ask all gay organists, hairdressers, caterers, and waiters, priests to leave the business and to stop attending weddings. We can imagine the comedy that follows and the anti-wedding movement becomes to hurt the guys’ relationship. Then Steve’s brother proposes to Adam’s sister and a decision must be made.

When the book was published last year it came out just at the right time but a lot has changed since then and I am not sure the book did not have anything to do with that. Not only is this a fun read but there is a strong lesson here and as we laugh, we become angry. It is a great read and highly recommended.






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