“Cruising: Gay Erotic Stories” edited by Shane Allison— Wonderful Smut

Allison, Shane (editor). “Cruising: Gay Erotic Stories”, Cleis Press, 2012

Wonderful Smut

Amos Lassen

Do not misunderstand the meaning of my title, “Wonderful Smut”. This is indeed wonderful smut as we usually get in any book that has Shane Allison’s name on it.  There at sixteen very hot stories here by some of the best writers who are writing today and this is a credit to Allison who selected the stories and edited the collection.

It is not easy to write good erotica and here is some of the best with stories by Bob Vickery, Jeff Mann, Jonathan Asche, Rob Rosen, Mark Wildyr, Shaun Levin, Donald Peebles Jr., Aaron Travis, Gerald Wozek, Bearmuffin, Bob Masters, Chuck Willman, Daniel Curzon, Jeremy Andrews Windsor, Ryan Field, Gregory L. Norris and Allison.

I understand that several of the stories are based on actual experiences (Allison’s is) and there is great variety in the stories here with eroticism being the uniting link. I have often wondered how those who write erotica get ideas to write something new and while the answer to that is not here, there are several new twists on the classic theme of an meets boy, man has sex with boy, man and boy movie on and so forth and so on. However, there is not a boring moment whether the story is about a convenience store assignation or a really hot arresting officer or a very hot adventure in rest room (not much rest there) in a park. The stories provoke and ignite and public sex seems to be the rule for the day. This is an anthology that you do not want to miss.


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  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk

    I was in an anthology a few years ago, “Cruising for Bad Boys,” my novella was, ‘My Father’s Semen,’ from STARbook Press, Ryan Field was in that one, too. But when they accepted another story for an anthology Cleis at the very last moment balked at my use of the word ‘turd.’ That ended my publication with Cleis.


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