“Whistle Pass” by Keva D=== Looking Back

D, Keva. “Whistle Pass”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Looking Back

Amos Lassen

Dreamspinner is having a banner month with books this month and we get some new, non-traditional M/M books. Top of my list is “Whistle Pass” that begins in Europe during World War II where we meet Charlie Harris. Ten years after the war was over, Charlie received a strange note that summons him back to Whistle Pass, the home of his former lover and he leaves immediately. It seems that Roger Black, Charlie’s ex, is now married and involved in politics and he is determined to destroy any evidence of his homosexual past. He know homosexuality and politics do not dance so well together so one of the partners must go. There is a photo of Charlie and Roger together and it could destroy Roger, his family and any political dreams and plans he may have.

Charlie is at a loss as to how to react to this and he sits down with the hotel manager, Gabe Kasper, to talk things out and Gabe immediately sees the goodness in Charlie. Before long a romance develops between the two. Charlie wants nothing more than to live in peace and he sees that the memories that Roger has brought up are hurting him severely. Gabe wants to protect Charlie but to do so would be to put himself in danger and instead of him protecting Charlie, Charlie must now protect him.

I have never read anything by Keva and I must admit, I was mysteriously seduced by this book. The prose is clear and he character development is excellent. Most important is that it is a new kind of M/M novel.





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