“Ty’s Obsession” by SJD Peterson— Welcome Back SJD and Ty

Peterson, SJD.”Ty’s Obsession”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Welcome Back SJD and Ty

           Amos Lassen     

As I read “Ty’s Obsession”, the sequel to “Quinn’s Need”, book three of the Whispering Pines Ranch Novels, I thought about how I came across writer Peterson in the first place. We began a friendship on Facebook and I was lucky enough to be asked to review the first book and then he second. It s always interesting how things happen when they are least expected and in this case I am very happy at how things have gone so far.

In this volume, we return to old friends. Ty Callahan saw something in Quinn Taylor the first time he saw him but it took awhile for Quinn to open for him. When he does, Ty learns that Quinn is a very special person and Ty who has been hurt in the past feels that he is now able to love someone and share that love. However, things do not go easily for him and he has a thorn in his side—Lorcan James. There was something between Lorcan and Quinn but Ty feels that he is the one deserving of the guy and is ready to do whatever he needs to in order to prove that. There is another snag and this one is named Blake Henderson and he soon becomes a guy after Ty’s heart. What happens next is for you to discover when you read the book.

Ty was having a bad time remembering the abuse he suffered from his last lover and he really that a relationship with Quinn would be the answer. Unfortunately Quinn did not feel the same way and returns to his ex, Lorcan. As a result Ty was hurt and angry. He felt that Lorcan was not able to give Quinn the love and respect he needs and Ty continued to pursue Quinn right under Lorcan’s nose. Rverything changes when Blake arrives. At first Ty resisted him but his feelings began to change and…

Unlike the other two books, this one ends on a note of hope and happiness after we read about so much misery. Peterson developed the romance between Blake and Ty beautifully and Blake seemed to know just how to behave with Ty. This book has more to say about Quinn and Lorcan than the other two and it is good to see people happy. Something I did not mention is that the characters are part of the BDSM scene and it plays strongly into the relationships. Quinn, for example, who was used to the dominant position, has to sacrifice that for Lorcan. What I love most about the characters is that they are human and make human mistakes thereby giving us a chance at identification. However, the things that are most important to me and readability and enjoyment and I am telling you know that they are both here in abundance.



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  1. Kenneth Peoples

    I, too, have read and enjoyed immensely all three books. The first two left much dangling, setting up the third. The third tied up many things “left dangling,” but not everything. From the second novel, there was a real connection between Tye and Quinn. Tye satisfied a deep need in Quinn for which a real relationship could have been created but wasn’t because of Quinn’s feelings for Lorcan. Though the nature of the future relationship between Tye and Quinn was apparently settled in this novel, that need in Quinn that Tye solved so beautifully was NOT resolved at the end of this novel, nor was another one Lorcan had with Jesse. I assume that Peterson left those two strings dangling intentionally. Greatly looking forward to more books in this series.


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