“King Perry” by Edmond Manning— Making an Offer

Manning, Edmond. “King Perry”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Making an Offer

Amos Lassen

While in a San Francisco art gallery, Vin Vanbly sees something that leads him to make an offer to Perry Mangin, an investment banker. He offers him to go on a weekend of total submission and Vin will hereby be able to give Perry back his kingship and this will allow him to become the man he is supposed to be. (Now that you are saying what is Amos talking about? I say stick with me and you will find out).

Perry agrees to the offer and in doing so he will be tested, seduced and even pulled apart. It is under Vin’s guidance that he is on the road to be the true king. As the two spend times together, Perry is reminded of his grief as well as a new feeling of happiness. We are not sure what Van stands to gain from this as he is a mysterious character and totally offbeat. He guides Perry and we do not really understand why but we do know that there is one important challenge that Perry must overcome and by himself. He must face his past and deal with it but his time is limited.

I read a great deal and I do not often get the chance to read something that is unlike anything else. Not only is the story unique but it is a totally different kind of story and it is written in beautifully lush prose. Reading this book is like going on a journey or walking down the Yellow Brick Road and the destination is known only when it is reached. While it may seem confusing, everything domes together and patience is a virtue. The characters are interesting and well drawn and it is their mysteriousness that keeps us reading. The writing is almost poetic and he vocabulary is magical. Description is bold and clear and we get a lot to think about. Vin narrates the story and we only know about him by implication and thought. When he meets Perry, he realizes that there is something special about him and that he was a king and it is his job to help him remember who he really is. By inviting him for the weekend in a completely submissive role, Vin thinks he will be able to discover this.

Vin has Perry perform in several tests, some of which can be emotionally powerful, and by doing them; Perry has to look within himself. As Perry takes the tests, he comes out a little more and love enters his heart. Perry soon realizes that there is something to the tests.

We all need to learn to forgive and to love and not to judge others and this is what these tests are about. We really just get an introduction to Vin here but as we read the sequels, we will get to know and understand him. I am not sure how to classify this book as it seems to defy classification. It is a love story but an atypical one. In reading we embark upon a journey to unknown places and with unknown characters. As we take the trip, we get to know Vin and Perry and I think that Vin is a character that we will all want to know more about (and will). Treat yourself to the experience and take the journey—you will be so glad that you did.

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