“HAPPILY DIVORCED”— 18 Years Later

“Happily Divorced”

18 Years Later

Amos Lassen

Fran Drescher and her husband (now her ex) were married for 18 years when Peter Marc Jacobson told her that he is gay. This TV series (which I missed when it was broadcast but is now available on DVD) is based upon their true experiences.

Fran Drescher gained quite a following as the Nanny and she prided herself on her sense of humor so much so that she would even mock herself to get a laugh. This show is Drescher’s so if you like her you will love it. The show focuses on a woman (Drescher) and her freshly out of the closet ex-husband (John Michael Higgins). They continue to live together and manage to get on each other’s nerves and yet still share some lovely moments. Drescher’s parents are played by Robert Walden and the wonderful Rita Moreno. Drescher learns that her parents always suspected that he was gay and they thought that she knew as well.

The show has all of the clichés and we have seen it all before and the staging and acting could be better but I actually enjoyed it and laughed a lot. After her husband shares his news about his sexuality, we jump ahead six months to find the two still living together and facing the challenge of getting on with their lives. Fran dates and meets Elliott and things go fine until Peter sneaks into bed with them and we find Fran and Peter living like an old married couple.

This is a simple and screwy comedy that is funny but it is no great shakes. Don’t expect anything wonderful or any great revelations but just sit back and tune in and enjoy.






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