“Third” by Q. Kelly— Inheriting Anne Boleyn

Kelly. Q. “Third”, CreateSpace, 2012.

Inheriting Anne Boleyn

Amos Lassen

Helen Franklin is a historian whose field is Tudor history. Her father left her a surprising gift at his death— Henry VIII’s beheaded wife Anne Boleyn who we learn is a time traveler and cannot seem to become adjusted to the modern world. Helen’s wife, Yalia, feels she doesn’t have time for this and she has not been as close as she should be to Helen. Now Helen is faced with saving the marriage. As can be somewhat expected Anne intercedes and a strange love triangle between the three women begins.

Even though Helen and Yalia are in love with each other, something is causing their relationship to falter. Both women experience traumas—Yalia from something in her past and Helen because of her father’s death and discovering that he had spent his life in science and this has brought Anne Boleyn to her. Helen and Yalia both try to be kind to Anne and as a result she becomes her own self and realizes that she has feelings for both Helen and Yalia. They see that Anne has suffered in the past and Anne recognizes that both Yalia and Helen are having problems. The three come together and are able to work out their problems and here is where the author shines—she gives three wonderful characters and we read as they deal with their problems. The characters come from Kelly’s imagination but they seem very real. We read of their relationships and their personalities and using time travel opens up new possibilities to look at them. Helen and Yalia must deal with their pasts and in doing so rekindle their love for each other. Of course, helping Anne adjust to the modern world had something to do with that.

We embark on an adventure as we read and travel backwards in time and move forward to the present and this adventure is given to us in Kelly’s gorgeous prose. I love the way Helen’s love for Tudor history is used in our matting with Anne and we learn that Anne has been kept prisoner by Helen’s father and he did so for her best interests. Now Anne has a job to do in saving Helen and Yalia’s marriage and the three women form a strange bond between them—they each love each other as they deal with their own vulnerabilities. Each woman has her own beauty and each has her own problems and it makes us wonder whether we would be willing to do what they do to maintain a relationship. What a wonderful read with a new approach to women’s relationships and I whole heartily recommend this.


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