–Things You Don’t Know But Should–Things You Don’t Know But Should


Let’s talk about Amazon. Com–things you don’t know but should

For those of you who do not know, I was one of the top 40 reviewers of Amazon when I left in December. This is significant in that I was the only person in the top 100 that reviewed GLBT books and movies but, of course, not everyone was happy with that and I am no longer posting on Amazon. I think it is very important for us to know that Amazon DOES NOT care if we do business there or not so I urge you to take your business elsewhere and support out independent GLBT business like the local bookstores and

I have recently learned some interesting facts about Amazon that I want to share. Since Amazon is so large and powerful they are not policed by any of the net protectors such as net nanny, etc. This simply means that Amazon can see what it wants and there are no stops top anyone seeing whatever on their site. Did you know that Amazon also sells porn and sex toys and those pages are open to all?

Small children can buy porn on Amazon-check out these links:

These items are in Amazon’s inventory and are available for immediate shipment to whoever orders them, regardless of age. Additionally the film below is so offensive that other companies have refused to carry it yet even a small child can buy it. There’s a scene where a woman is abducted, raped and a coke bottle is forced into her vagina – among many other rape short films – it’s a collection of short films about rape.

Let’s have a look at Amazon’s sex toy store which they call their Sexual Wellness Store. Maybe I am naïve but I did not know that butt plugs, vibrators, handcuffs, sexual furniture, etc. have anything to do with sexual wellness. Let’s call a dog a dog and not give it a fancy name. How about an 11 year old ordering a butt plug?

Amazon is the largest sex toy retailer in the US. Does that shock you? Imagine the joy that a 9-year old girl can get from reading all about dildos. Look what you can buy at without an age check.

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  1. Kergan Edwards-Stout

    Great post, Amos! I’m also concerned about some of their recent practices. They’re pushing writers to use their own Createspace, driving a wedge between that product and product (such as from printer Lightning Source), so that Amazon owned Createspace products show as “available”, while those from others may say “ships in 2-3 weeks”, which is the death knell for product.

    Also, they recently tried to get Goodreads to submit to a new exclusionary agreement. Goodreads declined, which means that Goodreads no longer pulls product info from Amazon, and will pull from Ingram instead. This has resulted in many authors not having synopses or cover art on Goodreads. Those that aren’t listed through Ingram will have to load their own imagery and synopses.

    There are other examples, as well, which I won’t go into. But as someone who published through a micro-publisher, just getting the word out about our books is hard enough, without all the game playing that Amazon causes in their attempt at world domination. While I’m grateful to have a platform to sell from, I also sell through B&N, Rainbow e-books, TLA, and others. Gotta support the indies, and those fighting for the little guy!

    Great post!!!


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