“The Cinderella Effect”

A Modern Fairy Tale

Amos Lassen

I just heard about a new short film, “The Cinderella Effect” and then I watched the trailer and it sounds wonderful. Set in Hollywood of today, we meet a hopeless romantic who is looking for love.

““THE CINDERELLA EFFECT” is a gay-themed short. It is a musical romp into that very possibility. Randall Grimm has arrived in Los Angeles in search of his very own happy ending. Within moments of arriving, however, Randall is thrust into the very high-pressure networking atmosphere of a local LGBTQ film festival that his friend insists on attending. Awkward and out-of-place, Randall holds fast to the notion that Hollywood produces its very own happy endings. Soon, he imagines the high-pressure after-party to become the all-too-familiar royal ball of a fairytale; the cynical partygoers adopt the characteristics of evil stepsisters, and Prince Charming exists in the body of a Hollywood Leading Man. However, no Cinderella story can exist without a Fairy Godmother, and Randall’s deconstructs his happy-ever-after notions so he can discover that the only thing real in Hollywood is the ‘FINAL REEL’ of whatever genre we write for ourselves. Full of original songs, tongue-in-cheek humor, and classic film genre staples, THE CINDERELLA EFFECT is that rare Hollywood love-story that invites its audience to love Hollywood just as much as its two love-struck characters do”.



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