“End of Story” by John M. Bowers— Intimacy and Devotion

Bowers, John M. “End of Story”, Sunstone Press, 2010.

Intimacy and Devotion

Amos Lassen

Beginning in 1914 as the First World War is about to happen, we meet Morgan and Eddy, two men who are very close even though their backgrounds are totally different. Using them as our guides we get looks at the history of gay men and as the book progresses we see the changes that have occurred. We responded based on what society expected of us but that was to change when we refused to be parrots and conform.

Filled with compassion, the story moves from Cambridge to New York to Santa Fe as the lives of Morgan and Eddy intertwine with others and we feel love jump off of the page. The boy also gives some helpful hints on how to keep a relationship fresh. The deep connection between our two heroes is rewarding to read about. Bowers gives us two real characters that become part of us as we read. This is a beautiful love story and romance is something we do not get enough of in gay literature.

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