“SINGLE CREEK”–Christian Propaganda that Ignores the LGBT Community

“Single Creek”

Single Christians Speak and the Film is Totally Valueless and Insignificant

Amos Lassen

Chris Lane brings us a documentary about Christian singles who have been trying to find a place in their family-centered churches. Singles suffer from conflicting emotions every day and while they try to make positive contributions they are still regarded as single and this is a source of distress for both the individual and the church. We are drawn into these emotions especially when we learn that there are over one hundred million single adults in the United States today and that number is about half of all American households. Here they share their thoughts with us and their concerns about being single in the world and the fact that many violate the commandment of being fruitful and multiplying.

We meet those who have never married, divorced, single parents, widows and widowers and the FORMER gay—whatever that means and because of this I must discount the value of this film. Since we never have to worry about being fruitful or multiplying we are not taken into account and besides the churches do not want to hear from us anyway. So why would Chris Lane make a movie like this and leave us out? Probably because he was told to do so and the fact that he does not approve of us anyway.
DVD extras include extended interview footage, 2 music videos, the Official Movie Trailer, 2 promotional posters you can download to print locally or email to a Kinkos/printing shop (PDF Format) and 2 study/discussion guides for church/ministry leadership and single adult groups (PDF Format). There are also discussion guides: a structured curriculum, designed with questions and commentary for up to 9 sessions. The Leadership Discussion Guide is an abbreviated set of questions and commentary, plus suggested organizational methods for single adult ministry based on the needs of your local church family.

Since we are not included, who cares anyway? The only reason I have included this is to show how narrow minded these Christians are and how they cannot even begin to give an honest picture by not including the LGBT community. A pox on them. Save your money. Buy a drink and someone to talk to at your local gay bar. Have a look at the crap they put out to young minds:


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