“LOST DREAM”— Opposites Attract

“Lost Dream”

Opposites Attract

Amos Lassen

Perry Roberts (Michael Walsh) is depressed and at his wits’ end. Nothing seems to be going right for him and he gets another surprise when he meets Giovanni (Shaun Sipos), an art student whose life is concerned with drugs, sex and a deadly game of Russian roulette. Regardless the two become fast friends and together they partake of a journey that is fueled by drugs and danger.

Perry comes from a fine family—his father is a congressman but who has just been convicted of corruption and is in jail. Perry becomes friendly with Gio and his life begins a dangerous path. Using the questions of “Who am I?”, “What do I want?”, “Should I change?” Asif Ahmet fashions a film dealing with them. The young cast performs admirably and the film gives us a lot to think about. Perry’s problems take him into a state of depression and we follow him. People see this depression but no one is willing to do anything about it and Perry seems to be on an endless rant. He is spoiled and never has had to deal with problems and this leads him to Gio which, of course, we see as no solution. If anything it can only bring more grief into his life.

We need films that deal with depression in youth and this film could have gone a bit deeper. Rites of passage are never easy and Perry has to face his alone. This is an important film and could have been even more important with a little more depth. It deals with the problems that so many face and in that it is successful.

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