“JOHNNY AND LYMAN: A LIFE TOGETHER”— Two Men Together Since World War II

“Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together”

Two Men Together Since World War II

Amos Lassen

I love documentaries and I love documentaries that lift the spirit. Johnny and Lyman, an art director and an editor have worked on Broadway and in New York and on stage shows and films. They met during World War II and are still together. Through them we see the changes in our community as well as changes in stereotypes and in feelings about gay marriage. They tell us their story honestly and candidly and this is an important film for everyone to see. They made the film so that stereotypes would be dispelled and to change the minds of those who feel threatened by our existence. It has already garnered several major awards which attest to its quality.

We are given insight into the nature of a gay relationship and if you believe there is a special someone for everyone, this film reinforces that. The film is a love story but it is also a history lesson and Johnny and Lyman are inspirational characters and I cheered for them as I watched. Together for more than 65 years, they have a good deal to teach and share.

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