“Foundation of Love” by Scotty Cade and Z.B. Marshall— Making Choices

Cade, Scotty and Z.B. Marshall. “Foundation of Love. Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

Making Choices

Amos Lassen

Wes Stanhope left home for Seattle because he could not stand the pressures of society of Charleston, South Carolina. His father, Colonel Robert Lee Stanhope tried to control him and Wes knew he had to get out in his own. Wes is a doctor who specializes in pediatric oncology and his practice is doing very well. But his mother died and he had to go home for the funeral and while there he was offered a chance to both build and run a children’s hospital. His mother’s will provided the funding and although Wes was apprehensive about taking the job but decides to take it. His father was chairman of the board so he suspected that there might be trouble between the two of them.

As Wes builds his staff, he meets a young architect, Tyler, and although Wes has never identified himself by his sexuality, he could not hide the attraction that he felt for Ty. Ty, however, refuses to live secretly and lets Wes know that unless he “comes out” there will be no relationship. Wes knows that his father is homophobic and a racist and the fact that Ty is both black and gay will definitely not sit well with him. Wes realizes that coming out would mean the loss of a job and possibly what his mother had bequeathed in her will. Up until Ty, Wes dated women but things did not work out because of the demands of his profession.

Wes decided to ask a friend of his, Brad, who lives in Alaska with his partner, to join the staff and this is also how e met Ty. Wes was able to reconnect with family and friend in Charleston and so the transition would not be too difficult for him. Unless you are from the South, you will have a hard time understanding why Ty’s color is so important so we can imagine how Wes’s father will take the news that his son is gay and involved with a black man. I found it very interesting how Wes came to terms with being gay and also that he and Ty really got to good friends before anything physical happened. The fact that Wes realizes his sexuality quite late makes him indeed a complex character and the book provides us with some very strong characters. We learn a lot about Wes and are with him as he makes choices and we understand why those choices were made.

I am a fan of Scotty Cade although I have not read anything by Z. B. Marshall but the two of them working together give us a well written story in which the action is mental.

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