This December on IN THE LIFE: 30 Years Positive

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This December on IN THE LIFE: 30 Years Positive

30 Years Positive

Thirty years after the first AIDS case was reported in the US, more than a million Americans are HIV positive. One in five don’t know it and 56,000 are newly infected each year. But if you only watch mainstream media, you would have no idea of the pandemic’s ongoing impact. WATCH online December 1st.


HIV/AIDS: Through Our Lens

Since 1992, IN THE LIFE has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS coverage. At times, we’ve  been the only journalists covering the changing face of the disease. We take a  look back at the stories behind the evolving pandemic.




A Conversation with… Rev. Charles King and Harmony Santana

A frank discussion about HIV prevention and the National AIDS Strategy with the Reverend Charles King, CEO of Housing Works, and actress Harmony Santana from Gun Hill Road.

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