“BIGGER STRONGER FASTER”— A Wonderful Documentary

“Bigger Stronger Faster”

 A Wonderful Documentary

 Amos Lassen

 America sees herself as the biggest, the strongest, the fastest and the best country in the world. Should we, then, be surprised that so many Americans use performance enhancing drugs? We seem to live by the motto “win at all costs”. Director Christopher Bell takes a probing look at this culture by concentrating on his two brothers who took steroids in order to be part of the American dream. This is an intimate and honest film and Bell openly looks at his family and in doing so he forces the viewer to re-evaluate his own pre-conceived notions about American values and steroid use.

       We learn that steroids are not just used by professional athletes or Olympians—the drugs are everywhere and are being used by people that we would not ordinarily suspect to do so. Bell pulls back the curtain and shows us just this.

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