“Between Love and Goodbye”

 Romance Gone Wrong

 Amos Lassen

 Marcel (Justin Tensen) and Kyle (Simon Miller) are lovers who share a romance that comes to no good. The film opens with French citizen, Marcel marrying Sarah, a lesbian so that he can stay in the United States with his boyfriend. Marcel and Kyle move in together and begin their lives together, However, when Kyle’s troubled transgendered sister, April (Rob Harmon) comes to live with them for a while, things begin to break down and the results are awful for the two guys. Kyle is unable to pay attention to both Marcel and April. Marcel wants more time with his lover; he feels that April is getting in the way but he deals with the problem with aggression and in an insulting manner. His relationship with Kyle begins to slip away from him. At the same time April is having her own problems especially when her body does not accept her breast implants. She has them removed, shaves her head and decides to return to being a man again.

       This is a movie that is full of energy and the cast, as an ensemble, is quite good. The direction by Casper Andreas (“A Four Letter Word”) is fine but the trouble is in the screenplay. The dialog is quite poor and so much of what is said seems forced. The plot just does not ring true and we do not know whether to feel sorry for the guys or to hate them.

       I often enjoy the films of Andreas but this one left me devoid of feeling. The ending, as shocking as it is, just made me angry. I expected much more. Nevertheless, the soundtrack is quite good and the boys are easy on the eyes. Maybe my judgment of the movie is incorrect; you will have to see for yourself.

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