“NOW AND LATER”— on blu ray now

“Now and Later”

Now on Blu Ray

American Culture, Sex and Politics

Amos Lassen

Shari Solaris is Angela, a Latina illegal immigrant in Los Angeles. She meets Bill (James Wortham) who is a banker who has been disgraced and is on the run. She invites him to stay with her and as they have wild sex we are given looks at various topics. The plot may sound simple but all is more complex than it sounds.

There is a lot of sex here and the film really goes as far as it can and I doubt anyone will be able simply to walk away from this film. Here the sex is balanced with intellectual conversations about life and the world. Copulation is right up there on the screen but I would not say that this is pornography as there is a purpose to it all.

We see something about the relationship between repression of sex and violence. Shari and Bill have serious discussions about everything when they are not having sex or even while they are having it. Shari uses sex as a reward to conversation and what we get is something between porn and a message movie. The juxtaposition of political discourse and sexual intercourse works most of the time and this is director Phillipe Diaz’s attempt to say how he feels. I found the experience to be, er, stimulating.

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