“Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure” by Sam Cameron— A Mystery for Young Adults (and Old Folks Too)

Cameron, Sam. “Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure”, Bold Strokes Books

A Mystery for Young Adults (and Old Folks Too)

Amos Lassen

Denny and Steven Anderson are twins and sons of the sheriff. They fighting crime and helping others, traits they obviously picked up from their dad. They live on Fisher Key in Florida. The boys are always up for fun and Steven really loves to chase girls and Denny who hides the fact that he is gay really wants to have sex for the first time. On graduation day from high school, they meet a good-looking new guy in town, Brian Vandermark who transferred from Boston. No one knows anything about him except that he was a military man once. Brian finds himself falling for Denny but Danny is too shy to react.

One day, “The Tempest”, an antique yacht suddenly exploded in the harbor and the three guys find themselves in a web of intrigue, betrayal, romance and danger. Now you just have to read this to see what happens. Cameron is a good writer and storyteller so do not let his book pass you by.

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