“Legal Artistry” by Andrew Grey— A Family Legacy

Grey, Andrew. “Legal Artistry”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

A Family Legacy

Amos Lassen

I must start off with a disclaimer. Reading Andrew Grey is addictive and I am an Andrew Grey addict. I have yet to read one of his books that I have not enjoyed and he is an author that I wait to read his new books. The best thing is that he is prolific. “Legal Artistry” was special for me in that it dealt with a period of history that I love to read about, even indirectly. Dieter Krumpf inherited his grandmother’s fortune when she died and among the things she left was a photo album which contained pictures of the family’s art collection which had been left behind when they fled Germany and the Nazis. Years later Dieter hires a lawyer, Gerald Young, to see if any of the family art can now be returned to him. His lawyer does not see much possibility that the paintings will be returned but because Dieter is so concerned, he agrees to take the case.

Gerald tells Dieter that filing a law suit in Austria will not come to much but as time passes, there is a connection between the two men and Gerald becomes determined to win the case. As they research together, they discover Gerald’s dysfunctional family which is quite a contrast from Dieter having no family. They also discover that within themselves and their feelings for each other that art is not the only thing to be found.

The loss o his grandmother weighs heavily on Dieter and his loss is compounded by the loss of the wonderful art collection that once belonged to the family. He becomes determined to get the family legacy back. With the help of Gerald, the two men tackle an international case and discover each other in the process.

In this book we see that Grey is not just a good writer but a good researcher as well and he really paints a good background for the characters. I particularly liked the way we watched the two men become attracted to each other and then discover love. We have yet another winner from Andrew Grey.


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