“MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY”— Coming Out at Christmas

“Make the Yuletide Gay”

Coming Out at Christmas

Amos Lassen

It was my original plan just to comment that Rob William’s wonderful DVD, “Make the Yuletide Gay” is being released on blu ray but before I did that, I sat down to watch the film again and then decided to write a completely new review.

Nathan is out and has quite a sense of gay pride but as Christmas nears he know that he will be spending them alone as his parents are off vacationing somewhere. He finally decides to go to his boyfriend’s parents’ house and arrives unannounced. Gunn, as he is called, is surprised to see him especially since his parents do not know that he is gay.

Gunn’s parents are a bit “odd” yet they are open minded and welcome Nathan into their home. Aside from directing, Williams also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Adamo Ruggiero as Nathan, Keith Jordan is Gunn, Derek Long is Sven, Gunn’s father and Kelly Keaton plays Anya, his mother (and she has some great lines). The script is wonderful and provides some wonderful laughs Williams cleverly brings coming out and Christmas together. He succeeds once again in bringing us a fun gay movie.

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