“FOREVER PLAID”— Homage to the Fifties

“Forever Plaid”

Homage to the Fifties

Amos Lassen

In the 1950’s, the music scene was dominated by groups of men and boys who sang in close harmony and that is what “Forever Plaid”, the filmed version of the off-Broadway play is all about. We meet four high school friends who dream of recording an album but the dream was over when death took its course. They were on their way to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show when their car hit a bus of Catholic school girls. The girls survived but our singers did not and our story begins with the Plaids returning from the afterlife to try once again to become famous.

The plot is simple but the songs are wonderful and make you remember an era of songs like “Three Coins in a Fountain” and “Heart and Soul”.

Granted the set-up is a bit silly and the plot soon falls away as the music takes over and the chemistry between the guys is amazing. This is just good entertainment and it really is not a movie but a film of a stage play. The transfer to disc could have been better bit again it is the music and if you just sit there and let it take you away; you will have a good time.


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