“Skull Buggery” by Robin Anderson— Mayhem, Macabre and Misadventure

Anderson, Robin. “Skull Buggery”, Robin Anderson, 2011.

Mayhem, Macabre and Misadventure

Amos Lassen

Those of you who read my reviews know that I have a special affinity for the writings of Robin Anderson and that I review everything he writes. I have made it my goal to see that other people are able to gain the enjoyment from his writing that I do. You can imagine my surprise when I opened his newest book, “Skull Buggery” and saw that he dedicated to me and this is one of the highest honors I have ever received. I have only “met” Robin via emails that I send him after I post a review of something he has written so this really came as a surprise. Quite naturally I am going to give this book a brilliant review but that would have happened anyway as Anderson has a special skill of writing books that not only draw me in but that usually make me laugh as I read and to me that is really something.

Our main characters here are Dick Turpin and his partner, Ned Rust who ride together as Skelton (Skull) Asquit and Andy (Anaconda) Miller. This boyhood game became one they played as adults but the stakes were completely different. Now the “game” includes “intrigue, amiability, avarice and betrayals” that tests friendship and revenge enters the picture. (So you say, what is funny about this?—Hold on!!).

Misadventures consisting of outrageous happenings begin to occur and thinks just get wild (as often happens with Robin Anderson). We enter the world of high fashion and big money as we travel around the world from the Orient to the Caribbean to Venice and we eat fantastic food that turns out to be more than it appears and the fun begins.

With a cast of unforgettable characters that include Lavina (Labby), Chan (Panda Bear), Desmond (Desdemona), Teddy (Beddy), Gloriosa Gonada, Charlie, Big Dirk Du Toit and the glamorous wannabe Loadsa and many more, we go on a trip of hilarious happenings and you do not want to miss this.

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