“Blue” by Russ Gregory— Murder in Austin

Gregory, Russ. “Blue”, Bold Strokes Books, 2011.

Murder in Austin

Amos Lassen

“Blue” is the first book I have read by Russ Gregory and I must say that it definitely will not be my last. There is nothing like a good mystery to hold my interest and when a book grabs me on the very first page, then I know I am in for a good read.

We first meet Ruth Brookes who is 103 years old and living in a nursing home. We learn that she knows something about unsolved murders that have been taking place in Austin and gay men are being killed. Whatever it is that she knows, it is very important and now that the murders are happening more often, it is absolutely necessary to find out what she knows.

Matt Bell had been shot at and immediately afterwards he shut himself off from the world and he has decided that the time has come to re-enter society. Just a he does, he meets Thatcher and soon the killings begin again. Both men have issues to deal with and at the same time, gay men in Austin are being killed off.

Now I could go on and tell you about the plot but that would not be fair. Murder mysteries are not meant to be spoiled by reviewers so I am not going to say any more about the plot, I will say that the characters are wonderfully drawn and Gregory really thought the plot out (which does not mean that you can predict what will happen). I see a wonderful addition to gay literature (or any literature) in Russ Gregory and if you are a smart reader, I suggest you get a copy of “Blue”. I have a feeling we will be hearing a great deal more from him.

Gregory has a very interesting perspective and he uses plot lines that cut each other and then meet before the story is over and I love that.

One thought on ““Blue” by Russ Gregory— Murder in Austin

  1. Lynnell Boyd

    This is the first book I’ve read by Russ and also my first book about gay men. I loved reading this book! I love to read, and my favorite reads are mystery/suspense/romance. This book had all, and what a big surprise at the end! You have no idea who it is targeting gay men in Austin until the very end. Great story!

    I love how this story was written in first person much of the time, showing how gay men are often treated by friends and family. I have a son who is gay and to this day, his dad seems to think he is going to change back to “normal.” In fact, my son’s roommate is female and his dad keeps hoping they will “date.” When my dad was alive, he suggested my son go to counseling, much like Matt’s character in Blue. For the most part, my family just pretends it isn’t so. It’s not discussed. I never felt that my son was not or is not normal. My son knew I would love him unconditionally no matter what. I think my son would also love to read this book, and I am going to suggest he read.

    Thanks, Russ, for a great story! Will be looking for more to read from you very soon.


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