“SCAB”— A Gay Horror Drama


A Gay Horror Drama

Amos Lassen

“Scab” is a vampire tale and it was made before the current craze brought on by “True Blood”. Vampires have always been popular in LGBT reading circles and in the movies and I suspect that eternal life is quite a draw as are tall dark strangers who appear unannounced and draw their victims in. Ajay became a vampire when one of his “tricks” bit him and now he wants to get his friends to join him as undead.

After Ajay and his one-night stand have a night of sex, he discovers that something is not quite right and there is no antibiotic to cure him. He begins to lay low and begins to look for a way to satisfy his hunger. Finally after a few days of no one seeing him, Teague who is head over heels in love with Ajay and Floor, a straight friend go to check on him and discover that he looks really bad and Ajay convinces the guys to head to Las Vegas for a little rest. As they get to right outside of Vegas, they meet Briar, a girl who runs a seedy motel where the boys go to stay and it is not long before others check in and everything is ready for things to happen. Blood lust takes over and before we know there are bodies all over and some new vampires.

Now there is a moral to all of this—there is a safe sex message and yes there is wonderful twisted humor. However the characters are a bit wooden and they do things that really have nothing to do with the plot. Ajay is a hunk who enjoys having sex and lots of it. Teague loves him but Ajay can’t be bothered with a geek for a boyfriend yet Teague never loses hope. Let me just say that while this is no where a great movie, I enjoyed every minute of it but I do see why we have not heard much about it. Maybe that will change but here is a clever little film that has not been noticed.

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