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“Homoerotic Tales” by David Holly— Twenty-eight Stories

homoerotic tales cover

Holly, David. “Homoerotic Tales”, David Holly’s Gay Romances, 2016.

Twenty-Eight Stories

Amos Lassen

I was just about to give up on gay erotic fiction since it has been a long time since I have read something that knocked me out. But then I received a copy of David Holly’s “Homoerotic Tales” and my mind was changed instantly. The stories collected here are about gay sex among men (duh!). They cover the spectrum of erotica and some are “explicit, comical, erotic, lascivious, enthralling, lewd, mouth-watering, shameless, scandalous, indecent, dirty, smutty, naughty, ribald, and rude”. I have, of late, maintained that thee are really two kinds of erotica—trash and literary smut. David Holly writes literary smut. In fact, on page six, Holly informs us that his stories are explicit and erotic. I have always felt that in order for erotica to really succeed, it has to rely n more than just being erotic. We need characters we can identify with and stories that are so far fetched, they just could not be. Holly obviously believes that as well as his stories are more than just cheap sex related in a tawdry manner. I even liked some of the characters and the plot lines (strike that word “even”—it sounds forced).

I have a problem with collections like these when it comes time to sit down and write a review. I suppose the best way to do this would be to same something about each of the stories but the that review would go on forever. I can say that I like the book but that in effect means nothing if I cannot say what I like about it. I could describe the erotica but that could get me censored. I could commend the author on a great imagination but the stories might be based on his own personal experience (and if these stories really happened to Holly, he is a very lucky man with a permanent erection. The best I can say is to tell you to get a copy and then see for yourself.

“The Sun Goes Down” by James Lear— … And So Does Vince

the sun goes down

Lear, James. “The Sun Goes Down”, Cleis Press, 2016.

… And So Does Vince

Amos Lassen

In a pitch to say alive after the sale of the business and something of a disastrous reorganization, Cleis Press has released a new book by one of its most popular writers, James Lear. Lear is one of my favorite literary smut (an endearing term for erotica) writers and as usual, we get a fine and very sexy read.

We meet Mitch Mitchell who needs a vacation and is determined to make the most of his trip to the Mediterranean island of Gozo. However, unlike Mitchell, death takes no vacations and Mitch finds himself investigating what happened to a young, gay lance corporal. The police have classified it as a suicide but the dead man’s boyfriend claims it was murder. Mitch suspects that some kind of gay cover-up is taking place and gets to work on an investigation that leads him into a maze of lies, false identities and secret sex.

Mitchell, himself has quite an active sex life and he shares his sexual adventures with us and provides many details. What we do not know at first is that in dealing with the loss of Vince, the love of his life, we see that the is trying to hide how he feels by engaging in a full and active sex life.

Mitch was invited to the island of Gozo and he assumed that the reason was that an old friend wanted him for sex. However, he soon finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation. Yet Mitch always seems able to find sexual satisfaction on the job.

This is actually the fourth volume in the Mitch Mitchell series and while you do not have to read the prior books to enjoy this. However, if you have read them then you already know something about Mitch and his sexual proclivities. He is an American doctor who thinks of himself as some kind of detective who loves sex. He loves mysteries and man sex just about the same.

On the island there are plenty of willing and able-bodied men but Mitch soon learns that everything is not all sunshine and men. The novel comes at us from two directions— the sexual and the mysterious. Mitch is a bit subdued because of the loss of Vince as well as Lover Boy Morgan. When gay men begin turning up dead, Mitch realizes that this is really a serious business and he is determined to find out who is responsible. Combing mystery and erotica, James Lear gives us another great novel. Clear you day before you begin reading because you will not be able to stop.

“Coming to Grief” by Dale Chase— A Bit of Erotica

coming to grief

Chase, Dale. “Coming to Grief”, Wilde City Books, 2016.

A Bit of Erotica

Amos Lassen

Laz Kincaid is grieving over having to shoot a horse when he meets Johnny Anglim on the road to Cheyenne. Johnny is taken with Laz from the moment they meet and eventually the two get it on. However, Laz remains somewhat cold and distant even though the two men have been intimate. When they finally get to Cheyenne, Johnny meets

Deputy Wade Rowley who warns Johnny about Laz and claims that he is only one who can break through to him. Johnny understand this to mean that Wade is the other man in Laz’s life by the refuses to let him go and understands that there could be trouble.

Dale Chase has set her book in the Wild West and if you have read her other books, you know that she often does. I am fairly sure that this is because of the kind of men that live there. This is en emotional love story where sex is the focal point and Chase really knows how to write sex scenes and she does that once again here. I do find, however, that the story is secondary to the sex that we read about.

It seems to me that there is a lot less erotica being written these days but Chase has her readers that wait for her books. Have a look at this one— I am sure you will not be disappointed.

“Eric’s Body” by Jason Fury— 25 Stories

eric's body

Fury, Jason. “Eric’s Body”, Open Road, 2016.

25 Stories

Amos Lassen

To really appreciate “Eric’s Body”, it helps to know some of what it went through before finally being published. Originally it was published in l995 by Badboy Books and became an overnight sensation. Writer Jason Fury, (the nom de plume of Jery Tillotson), sent the manuscript to 120 publishers and was rejected by all of them. Several would not touch the book because of the theme of male/male love. Fury was lucky enough to find Richard Kasak, a publisher who specialized in high-class erotica and the book was published are reprinted over and over and became Richard Kasak’s best-selling book that year and the year after its first publication. Nonetheless, it was considered by many to be pornographic and bookstore owners were arrested for selling it and Fury realized that America was not as free as people thought it to me. The 25 stories deal with many themes such as heartbreak (“Barbed Wire”) and humor (“The Bastard of the County”) to the haunting (“The Last of the Seven Beauties”) and we meets some unforgettable men who are complex— jocks, convicts, bad boys, and evangelists.

“Girls on Campus”—- A Hot Anthology

girls on campus

Lowe, Sandy and Stacia Seaman (editors). “Girls on Campus”, Bold Stokes Books, 2016.

A Hot Anthology

Amos Lassen

When this book arrived I must say that I was a bit puzzled about how a gay man could review a book of lesbian erotica. I have a rough time with erotica anyway and in the past when I have been asked to review lesbian erotica I used to say no. I guess I can say that although I once read a good deal of gay erotica but I stopped several years ago because it seemed so redundant and familiar. So I am asking you to bear with me as I attempt to review this book.

Have you ever thought about what girls do when they go away to school? Today’s dorms are co-ed but there was a time when….. College has become a coming of age (and for some a coming out) rite. Rules, it seems, are meant to be broken and college is good for breaking rules as well as for feeling free and liberated. Here we see girls in all kinds of activities and where sex can freely can place.

I must say that the girls in this volume have a great time experimenting with sex among themselves are the stories and the girls are hot. However, if you are looking for literature you are in the wrong place. What might have begun as a collection of nineteen stories actually becomes nineteen various sexcapades with the stories taking a back seat to the erotic elements. The plots were lost along the way.

“Men in Love: M/M Romance” edited by Jerry L. Wheeler— Eighteen Stories

men in love

Wheeler, Jerry L. (editor). “Men in Love: M/M Romance”, Bold Strokes Books, 2016.

Eighteen Stories

Amos Lassen

I am not much of a short story reader and those that I do read are either for review or academic reasons. I am not quite sure why I am not wild about short stories but I think it has something to do with my wanting to sink into a longer work. Nonetheless this is an excellent collection that for a couple of days took me away from the mendacity of cold spring days in Boston where we are still wearing winter clothes and coats. There is diversity and variety galore here. I have read several of the authors before and it was like rekindling old friendships and I was surprised by the qualities of the new writers here—new to me, at least. The authors included are:


Nathan Burgoine

Kassandra Lea

W. Clinger

Vinton Rafe McCabe

Richard Natale

Maryn Blackburn

Gregg Shapiro

Colton Aalto

Evey Brett

George Seaton

Jerry Rabushka

Dale Cameron Lowry

Michael Bracken

Erzabet Bishop

Thom Collins

Matthew Bright

Megan McFerren

Kevin Klehr

Each writer has his own story to tell and it is a matter of taste as to which appeal to whom. I learned long ago to never name favorites and so I won’t but I will say that the two of the stories by authors that I have never read before are stand outs for me.

“ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS”— We’ve Come a Long Way

EWB poster

“Enemies with Benefits”

We’ve Come a Long Way

Amos Lassen

Babaloo Studios seems to be a step ahead of other video companies that make films about the way gay men live today as you will see in their latest release, “Enemies with Benefits”. It is not only clothing optional but is filled with sex and lots of erect penises on young gay guys. I actually had to stop watching to catch my breath a few times. This is an adult comedy that does not have many laughs but sure has a lot to see—-I often joke that this is the kind of movie to watch with a mop nearby. Steven Vasquez wrote the screenplay about Jamie (Chance Feandro), a nineteen-year-old guy who is looking for love but because he has been unable to find the right guy, he contemplates ending his life. But just as he makes his decision, he gets a visitor from the other world who shows him that life has meaning and that it is best to stay alive and deal with destiny rather than just disappear.


However, we see that this advice might not be the best for someone who is floundering and a life of casual sex replaces a life of importance. With a full cast you young gay men who made for wonderful eye candy we get a look at gay life that we used to only be able to see in porno films. The cast includes Edward Guiterrez, Desi Santana, Steven Bright, Marshall Thomas, Grayson Lange and Addison Graham.


I understand that the film is made up of deleted footage and odds and ends from other films of director Vasquez. He smartly decided that we should all have a chance to see it and he built a story around it but I doubt that anyone watching this will be looking for a story when they can feast that eyes on penises doing all kinds of things and attached to all kinds of hot young guys who seem to have no problem with doing it all on camera.


This may be something new for others to follow—never throw away what is on the cutting room floor; you never know when you get piece together a film out of it. I am sure that took more work than shooting an entire new film. Speaking with Vasquez, he shared how this came to bit and I was amazed listening at all he had to especially with the shots that were filmed before digital when analog was the way to go. We also forget how quickly youngsters change from year to year so I must admire the technique used here even if this is not the kind of film that I usually watch.

“The Biggest Lover” edited by R. Jackson— Big Love

the biggest lover

Jackson, R (editor). “The Biggest Lover”, Lethe Press, 2016.

Big Love

Amos Lassen

“The Biggest Lover” is new anthology of twenty-one stories about bears and cubs and is a very diverse read about one of the groups that makes the LGBT community so diverse. “Our LGBT community is as diverse as the bigger world and it should come as no surprise that there are men out there who are into cute little twinks or muscle bound paragons”. While each story stands on its own, they all share being well-written erotica. IO always have a bit of difficulty when I review anthologies or collections because I have to decide whether to l write about each selection or to review it as a whole so I usually wait until I sit down to write and let my thoughts lead me. What I did find the overall theme here to be one of love and acceptance for the bigger men out there. I do need to emphasize the word “erotic” because these stories are sexy and while I am not a chaser or a bear, I can certainly see why thee are those out there and it is about time that they have their say literarily.

Hank Edwards (whose writing I always enjoy) is a cat lover in his personal life (have a look at his Facebook page) uses a cat as a matchmaker in his sweet “Fur Ball”. “A Man of Substance” by Dale Chase is set at the turn of the century in San Francisco and is about an actor who is looking for what he refers to as a man of substance and he does not mean intellectually. The age of computers takes off in a story of Ben Bauchlein about a techie who knows a good deal more than the newest technology.

Jeff Mann who never disappoints introduces us to Jamie in his story “The Last Gift”. Jamie, in his own mind, thinks that he is over the hill, age-wise (he is 50 plus) and he figures his days for finding lust…er, love or passed. But then he meets a hot chubby bear cub while having breakfast one morning. This is followed by another of my favorite authors, Jack Fritscher who gives us a fascinating look at a father and son relationship. Most of you will get a jolt from “Bulk City Gym”. This was the first story by John Genest that I have read and I really enjoyed disliking the main character in “Temet Nosce”. Everyone knows a guy like Don.

Charles O.V. Lyons brings us a story about the end of a relationship in “Rainy Day” and Jay Neal’s “He’s Five One, He’s Beautiful, And He’s Mine” pulled me with the first sentence. It is well written and a fun read. “Filled” by Tom Farley is a story that I am quite sure that some readers will not like because of the subject matter but looking at the way it builds says something about constructing a short story. If you are into anal play, this is a story for you. Matthew Bright is a rising star at Lethe Press with two new anthologies. Here he gives us a story about looking back. He shows that it is possible to go home again after being away for a long time and meets the guy he has always wanted to know again in “Burning on the Edge of the World”. Another new writer for me is Landon Dixon. In “Hustler’s Endgame”, we meet a good-looking young hustler who puts in an appearance at a pharmaceutical convention where every eye is on him but especially Brent, a married man who is about to learn what man on man sex is all about.

In “Golden Walrus” by Jerry Rabushka, we meet a man who has been hiding from himself and then he meets an overweight guy at the gym who asks him to spot him and you can pretty well guess the rest. Jay Starre brings us “Dionysus Tamed”, a look at what went on between Zeus and Dionysus in ancient times and there is a bit of surprise here. Moving into the paranormal, we get Skye Eagleday’s “Coming in the Night” and this one may rattle you a bit. Yes Shane Allison is here with his own special erotica in “Heavy Set”. I do not think that I have to say anymore. Dan Jaffe is another favorite writer of mine and he gives us a story about Dirk who lives in a small town and is turned on by nipples.

“Tag Team” by Larry Faulkner is about a wrestling tag team and what goes on behind the scenes. In “The Story Next Door” by Karl Taggart, we meet Perry is dealing with life after his partner died because of a heart attack. He has published his first book (porn) and is okay with life but things change when new neighbors move in and start swimming naked. “Moby Dick” by William Holden might be considered a parody of Melville’s original but instead of a great white whale, we have a great white whale of a man. “Indivisible” by Dylan Thomas Good, another new writer for me, is about accepting oneself in something of a supernatural setting. Finally there is “A Slice of Pie” by ‘Nathan Burgoine and this is one that you will just have to read to find out what is happening in it.

For those who do not want to read short synopses, here is a list of the authors and story titles”

“Furball”  by Hank Edwards

“A Man of Substance” by Dale Chase

“What the Hell?!” by Ben Bauchlein

“The Last Gift” by Jeff Mann

“Bulk City Gym (Boys to Men, Men to Giants)” by Jack Fritscher

“Temet Nosce” by John Genest

“Rainy Day” by Charles O V Lyons

“He’s Five-One, He’s Beautiful, and He’s Mine” by Jay Neal

“Filled” by Tom Farley

“Burning on the Edge of the World” by Matthew Bright

“Hustler’s Endgame” by Landon Dixon

“Golden Walrus” by Jerry Rabushka

“Dionysus Tamed” by Jay Starre

“Coming in the Night” by Skye Eagleday

“Heavy Set” by Shane Allison

“Tag Team” by Larry Faulkner

“The Nip Man” by Daniel M. Jaffe

“The Story Next Door” by Karl Taggart

“Moby Dick” by William Holden

“Indivisible” by Dylan Thomas Good

“A Slice of Pi” by ’Nathan Burgoine

If you have ever felt that you do not fit into the LGBT community, you need to read these stories and discover that there is a place for everyone. Kudos to editor R. Jackson.

“Threesome: Him, Him, and Me” edited by Matthew Bright— Stories


Bright, Matthew, editor. “Threesome: Him, Him, and Me”, Lethe, 2016.


Amos Lassen

One of the great gay fantasies is a hot threesome and I have heard so many guys make remarks when seeing two hunky and good-looking men walking down the street about what fun it would be to go to bed with both of them. Editor Matthew Bright has collected twelve stories about threesomes. The authors and titles follow:

“Call For Submission” by N.S. Beranek

“Time to Dance” by Matthew Bright

“Share and Share Alike” by Evey Brett

“The Big Match” by Lawrence Jackson

“Dr. Dave” by Dale Chase

“Fancy Dress” by Chris Colby

“The Guards of Governor’s Square” by Shane Allison

“Spring On Scrabble Creek” by Jeff Mann

“Vanilla” by ‘Nathan ‘Burgoine

“Invasion” by Rob Rosen

“Sea Glass” by Robert Russin

“Strawberries” by Jerry Wheeler

“Greedy, Deviant and Perverse: Living and Writing a Triad Relationship” – Redfern Jon Barrett

“Buy Guys” by RP Andrews— Working the Sex Trade


Andrews, RP. “Buy Guys”, Wilde City Press, 2015.

Working the Sex Trade

Amos Lassen

Pete is a good-looking young gay man who is convinced by Blaze, his roommate to leave New Jersey and go to Fort Lauderdale with him. Blaze is anxious to get to a place with lost of sunshine and lots of gay sex. They decide to work as male prostitutes on the escort site, Buy Guys. At first, all goes well for them until Pete realizes that he has fallen in love with Blaze and this leads both of them into a dangerous world that can destroy what they have and them. I hesitate to call this a love story even though the two main characters do love with other. There is a lot of sex here as well as drugs and we enter the world of Pete and Blaze, a world of meaningless sex and murder. I naturally assumed by the title that the story would be about two guys in the sex trade but I had no idea that this would also become a kind of mystery.

The sex scenes are quite graphic and certainly not for everyone but if this is what you like to read, it is there in abundance. Blaze and Pete use sex and a way to bolster their finances and get out of debt. More importantly, they try to deal with their pasts and it is with this theme that they find themselves involved in kidnapping, murder and drug use.

The book is well written but it deals with topics that I usually do not read about and things do not all come together at the end to give us a happy ending. But then, this is a look at a world that most of us are not a part of nor do we want to be. Nonetheless, there are lessons to be learned here. RP Andrews gives us two characters that represent what can happen when the wrong choices are made and he does so in a way that they hold a fascination for us.